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“She Believed She Could... So She Did”

As a wife and mother of 5 (4 prince & 1 princess) I consistently found myself daydreaming of what it would be like to own my very own business that encompassed all of the many passions I have. Passions ranging everywhere from event planning, interior decorating, the fashion industry, being a mom and wife, meeting new people, bringing out the best in others, oh the list goes on…

As I began to organize my thoughts one of the many things I often found was that it became far too easy to lose track with what’s in style and what’s not in the fashion world! There were many occasions that I found myself having to go to 3-5 different stores before I could find that perfect outfit for that summer wedding, family vacation, or simple day to day attire and let’s be honest… Who has time for that?

I quickly realized that I wasn’t alone and that there were many other women out there who felt the same way. I wanted to be able to provide a place for women of all generations to be able to shop! Not only for that special outfit but also for unique gift items for those special people in their life. We handpick each and every one of our items that we sell. The Refinery Boutique was truly designed to be that one stop shop for all of your needs.

I couldn’t be more thrilled to be given the opportunity to share all of my passions in life with each and every one of you!


Minnesota Design Studio