Duty. Honor. Country

Patriotism Instilled at an Early Age

Duty. Honor. Country

Remember and Honor

In Memory of Our Fallen Hero’s.

Just to name a few of the countless Memorial Day, and patriotic quotes that were instilled in me at an early age, remembering as far back as the 4th grade.

Floyd and Marge Allen (my grandparents), and managers of the Kasota Legion Club, Post #348. My grandfather a World War II veteran, and my grandmother, a Women’s Auxillery Club Member, most importantly a proud patriotic woman who encouraged patriotism in supporting our veterans, our flag, and most importantly our country. She could have been a jeopardy winner, when it came to American history. As a young girl, I was a camp fire girl, and a junior woman auxiliary member of the Kasota Legion Club, this was not optional, grandma made sure that was my place of duty, and I respectfully and faithfully carried out those duties.

My camp fire girl club, sold poppies in honor of Memorial Day, helped during the Legion Club sponsored fish fries, steak, and spaghetti feeds, and toured or visited anything representing American History. One in particular was the field trip to the Freedom Train that toured the United States in celebration of the United States Bicentennial. I will never forget how special of a moment  this was for my grandmother to arrange such a special trip.

My grandfather; loyal, and dedicated to Post #348, not to mention proud to be a Military Veteran. A member of the Legion Club color guard who  professional and faithfully carried out Memorial Day services at the Kasota Cemetery. The color guard provided full military honors for veterans who passed within our community. I recall a flag initiative in which he took charge of ensuring patriotism was represented within our small community of Kasota. Residence ordered flags, and flag poles, my grandfather one by one cemented the poles in their yards where they could proudly fly our American Flag. Duty. Honor. Country.

Why is this important to me and my family? My grandfather, and my father, served in the Army. I then went on to faithfully and honorably complete 26 years of Military Service. I passed this onto my daughters, as they too have served, born into a military family. They moved 11 times (which included 2 overseas moves) Sold poppies, and attended many Memorial Day Services. Remembering our fallen hero’s and those that still serve. This now was their duty in which they respectfully and faithfully carried out for their mother.

Patriotism was instilled in them at an early age and is something as a family we cherish very much. Throughout my time in the military and many deployments, I witnessed the loss of mothers and fathers fighting for our country.  I watched as the caskets with American flags draped over them were carried onto aircrafts to be reunited with their families before laying them to rest. Attending numerous memorial services for  families whos loved ones gave the ultimate sacrifice for our country.  There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think of these families and all of the soldiers who have served and who continue to serve. 

So as we reflect on the importance of Memorial Day, I encourage you to  share with your loved ones what it means to you. I would guess it was from a grandparent, a father or a mother, who instilled Patriotism within you.

In Remembrance of Those who Fought and are STILL Fighting for our Country so that we have the freedom we have today.

May you never forget nor allow your children to forget. Duty. Honor. Country.

With honor,

Kimberly Green (Ashleigh’s Mom)

Sergeant Major (Retired)