Hello 2018.. A New Year

It’s here… The New Year! A new year full of wonder, growth, new opportunities,  new challenges and so much more.  I feel like it was just yesterday that I was recapping 2016 and sharing the endless ideas and plans I had for 2017.  2017 was such a great year.

It was a year full of many new adventures, tremendous growth, new relationships, and so much more! I have often said that The Refinery is one of my favorite places to go when I am looking to draw inspiration. Whether it is inspiration from our vendors, customers, sales reps, or our staff;  I know I can often find it at The Refinery no matter which location it may be.

As I sat down to begin writing down my goals and aspirations for 2018 you can probably guess where I looked to draw inspiration from and to help channel the 1,864,986,378 ideas I have. I thought it would be fun to take a moment and share with you just a few fun ones that stood out  for me this year and how the items in store are helping me shape just a few of my thoughts for the new year both personally and professionally! I guess you could call it my very own digital vision board 🙂

1. Accessorize myself: Some of you may laugh when you read this but I am a pretty casual dresser . I love fashion, I love putting together outfits, buying for all the stores, and helping people look and feel amazing but I sometimes can be a little boring when it comes to my own personal attire on a day to day basis. I like to keep things comfortable and let’s face it.. Kid friendly! You will often find me in a pair of leggings in the Fall/Winter (Very rarely do I wear jeans) and a trendy casual sweater, top, or vest and in the summer I typically live in dresses.  Most of my days consist of running from store to store, practice to practice, meetings, all the typically life stuff and I am all about the comfort while doing so. One thing I really want to get better at though is ACCESSORIZING. We have so many amazing pieces in store to be able to do so and lets be real, accessories can change the look of an entire outfit! They say baby steps is the way to go to bigger goals. So lets start with accessories and ease our way into jeans.. Someday.. maybe! 

2. Live a healthier lifestyle (Fancy way of saying drop the 10-15 I told myself I was going to do last year):  Every single year I tell myself I am going to live a healthier lifestyle, loose those last 10-15 but each year I find myself hanging onto them. This year I am telling myself that my goal is to go down one sleek belt size, meal plan and prepare my grocery list prior to going to the grocery store, and to never skip dessert. Life is simply too short to skip desert! Now although I’m sure I will #LMAO at the scale at the end of the year, I can assure you that I will be one happy lady because I listened to the coaster in store that inspired me to never skip dessert.


3. Explore this great state: The amount of people I have had the opportunity to meet and collaborate with this past year has been incredible. People from all different backgrounds with so many inspiring stories. Many of which all started right here in Minnesota. This year I hope to be able to travel this great state and explore the many possibilities that not only Minnesota has to offer but across the Midwest!

4. Goal Getter: Perfectly Imperfect, Messy bun & getting stuff done, be brave…. All sounds about right when setting new goals right?  Although I haven’t been able to fully conquer my “Healthier Lifestyle” goal, I LOVE setting goals and seeing them come to life.  Exploring new opportunities and seizing every opportunity presented is something that I thrive on. I often get emails and messages asking me to share with them how to possibly pursue a goal and dream of theirs. A boutique, an event idea, or simply just someone to bounce an idea off of. Time hasn’t allowed me the opportunity to be able to assist in this area as much as  I would like,  but I have some big plans this year to hopefully make a small impact not only in this area but doing so while offering  new and unique products throughout The Refinery!


5. Options.. A woman needs options! This past year we have really expanded not only the amount of options we have throughout all locations but have also expanded our style selection which has been fun to watch and see grow. With our average shoppers being anywhere between 21-55 it has blessed us with the opportunity to dress women of many different generations which has been such a great experience not to mention SO. MUCH.FUN! Each of our locations bring a different clientele which makes each store so unique. I am excited to really be able to expand on this, this year and be able to offer more for all ages, shapes, and sizes. Maybe even within a few new locations… (Ok there was your hint 🙂 )

6. Refine & Unwind: Many of you have heard me share bits and pieces about various Refine & Unwind features throughout the past year and I CANNOT even begin to share my excitement of what’s to come with this brand this year. This brand is something that is truly going to bring together each and every aspect of The Refinery  (Clothing, home décor, gifts, food, locally made, DIY, you name it) and I promise you, you are going to love!

7. Keep It real: Dreaming big, crushing goals, meal planning… Yup they all sound amazing but they all come with a  tremendous amount of time, work, and patience. If there is anything that I have learned throughout the last two years, is to give myself a break! Not everything has  to go exactly as planned in order to work out just the way it was supposed to. I have faced many challenges along the way which I truly believe overcoming those challenges is what has made The Refinery successful! At the end of the year will I have reached all 1,985,523,546 goals (See already went up) and ideas I for the year?! Probably not.. Will I have reached all 7 of the ones I have shared above .. Probably not.. But if there is one thing I am certain of,  is that a combination of faith, family, and by letting go of the fear of failure, you are destined to be successful no matter what you do. Oh and by never ever skipping the opportunity for dessert!