How To: Transition To Spring

Who else has Spring on their mind? With all of this snow and cold weather we’ve been braving, I can’t help but to daydream of warmer weather. And… with warming weather comes time for wardrobe changes and transitioning your closet from Winter to Spring! I have some great tips and tricks on how to organize your closet as well as how to transition pieces you already have in your closet while adding some fun new Spring pieces too!


Organizing Tips & Tricks:

1.Hang up as much as possible. Definitely use this rule within reason, you don’t want to overstuff your closet with hangers to the point where you can’t move them! But, when you hang your items this allows you to see what you have much easier than digging through a dresser drawer in the morning trying to figure out what to wear. An additional tip: once you’ve worn a top, turn the hanger the opposite direction. This allows you to keep track of what you’re wearing and what you’re not wearing (and maybe get rid of if they aren’t “sparking any joy”).

2.Color Coordinating: This goes hand-in-hand with hanging up your items. When your items are sorted by color, it adds simplicity to finding a specific item. Imagine, you’re in a rush in the morning and are searching for that pink striped blouse in your closet, simply just go to the pink section of your hanging clothes and you can find it with ease.

Color coordinating can also be expanded to the remaining clothes that need to be folded and put on a shelf. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing to the eye, but it also helps you find what you’re looking for faster and easier. Folding your sweaters, tees, and pants while keeping similar items together also adds the ease of finding what you’re looking for. 

3. Keep accessories in one spot. When transitioning my closet to Spring, layers are a must. One of my favorite layers to wear is a light weight scarf.. and I have A LOT of them! So, to keep them from being thrown all over my closet, I have folded them and store them all together in a cute basket. this allows me to see all of my options while keeping them organized.

Transition Your Wardrobe to Spring

1.Layer, Layer, Layer: Spring is a time where it’s chilly I the morning (or all day this year) and then warms up around lunch time. My favorite solution: Layers! My go-to layers are a cardigan or a lightweight scarf. An easy way to still get use of your cardigan that you got this fall/winter is to layer it over a simple tee or a spring colored top! Grab a new white or light pastel tee and add your favorite cardigan for those chilly mornings. By lunch time you will be able to ditch the cardigan and rock the lighter-colored tee for a few hours before needing that cardi once more at the end of the day! Another great way to layer is to use your long sleeve tee or lighter sweater from fall/winter and add a new light-colored scarf to add a pop of color and to help keep you warm, of course!

2.Ditch Your Dark Denim: Spring is all about the light and fun colors in Fashion, so why not start with switching your denim?! If you weren’t brave enough to wear white denim in the winter (which is totally acceptable now, by the way) then now is your time to grab a pair! White denim not your thing? Grab a pair of light wash denim to bring you from Spring through the Summer! Pair that with a light weight sweater from your closet and you will radiate Spring vibes even before the temperature feels like Spring!

3.Swap your winter boots for Mules: We all have been waiting for what seems like the longest winter ever to break out our favorite flats and ditch the Sorels! Mules are the perfect shoe to transition into Spring with. They keep your toes warm but are still light enough to keep you running in the sun. Go for either a blush or light tan color (easily pairs with everything throughout Spring). Mules can go with denim, dresses and everything in between!


I hope that after checking out some of my tips and tricks on organizing your closet and how to transition your wardrobe to Spring that you will have some fun with it! Happy Spring and Happy Organizing!


— Alyssa, Customer & Brand Ambassador —