Mankato We’re Ready!

Opening day in Mankato is just days away and we couldn’t be more thrilled! As I have shared before, this year for us has been a fun year all about growth and change. This year we have really taken a step back and taken a broader look at our customers, our service areas, the products we sell in store, and how everything aligns with our overall strategic goals for The Refinery! It’s been crazy good, overwhelming, tearful, full of oh shit moments, and just about everything in between but throughout it all we have learned so much and as a team had fun.  I have never been more confident in the direction we are heading. Today we are heading straight to front street! 

I have no words for how beautiful the store turned out! Metcon & Tailwind Group did such an amazing job bringing our vision to life. Here are a few sneak peak photos for your enjoyment.

One of the things that really sets this store a part from the others is the amount of restaurants and night life that surrounds us! We often hear from so many of you “Where is the closest place with a patio?”  Well ladies.. On front street you can take your pick! We are surrounded by some of the best happy hour, dinner spots, and patios out there. We have had a little too much fun sampling each of them and enjoying the incredible atmosphere while  meeting so many of the other business owners. I joked today that I just may gain the “Front Street 15” but am very thankful to have the beautiful Sunmoon Yoga studio and JP Fitness to help out in that area!

Claire’s not excited at all!

Outside of all there is to offer for food, I love that we are blessed to now be neighbors with a few other great retailers! Julees Jewelry (Locations both in St. Peter & Mankato) and  Union Market. A brand new micro-retail destination in Mankato filled with vendors from all around Minnesota!

Lots of parking options

There is so much that goes into selecting each new location of ours and we are so happy that we trusted are gut with this one. We have big plans for this beautiful store, the community, and above all you as our customers! Tuesday July 9th we will open our doors and we hope you will join us for this special day. From the parking, to the shopping, to the eating.. Front street makes it easy for you to rally your girlfriends and enjoy the perfect day! Checkout our event page for more information. We can’t wait to see you.