Refining the True Meaning of Controlled Chaos!

Whether you work outside of the home or work from home, I feel as though it is a constant juggle! Especially this time of the year. We are all jumping back into school routines, after school routines, and the never ending activities that continue into the Fall season. This year has brought many life changes for our family, both personally and professionally. Not only have I had to find a new normal not having my husband home every night due to work, but we also have 4 kids in school and stores throughout the state (say what?). I recently listened to the book The Home Edit and was quickly inspired. I am constantly in awe and inspired by the women surrounding me and always appreciate the little tid bits and tricks sent my way or that I discover when scrolling social media. I thought I would share a little bit about what works for me along with some new things I have added into this circus of a life we live!

My routine at home has always been waking up extremely early… 3am 3 days per week to answer emails, work on book work, and pretty much get my sh*t together before the day starts! This has brought so much peach to my life as it allows for the unexpected bumps in the day such as a kid forgets their lunch, the car needs to go into the shop, the store basement is flooded, daycare called and kiddo has a fever, etc., and not feel as though my day is completely gone. It is also what I declare as “me time”. My days seem to go so much smoother and when the kids go to bed, guess what… so does momma!

After reading the book The Home Edit, I stayed up trying to plan out my trip to the container store, what kind of labels I was going to have, and how I was going to color coordinate each and everything that I had in my house… I became obsessive with the concept and just how life-changing their method would be for us. That’s when I decided to adjust to a method that works best for our family, utilizing all the things I learned from The Home Edit book while incorporating it into some of our existing routines. I hit up the dollar store and from that weekend on, life will never be the same in the Moelter house! There’s a bin and a plan for everything. Literally everything… toilet paper, pens, paper towels, receipts… the list goes on…

Pantry: Not only does it look pretty, but making lunches, knowing what and when I need to restock, and planning our meals is a complete breeze these days! I meal plan 2 weeks in advance and then fill the bins based on these meal plans.

Kid’s After School Dump Zone: I used to have boards that the kids could put all of their papers from school on. I had school calendars on the boards with fun little reminders. But, every time I came downstairs, it brought a sense of anxiety seeing ALL the things we had going on for 5 kids and the amount of papers that would come home and pinned to those boards was insane. This year, we have implemented “the bin” system. I am able to pull each kids folder individually and go through their homework or projects directly with them without wondering which kid brought home what! It decreases the clutter in the home and makes me feel much more organized overall. I heard one of the kids say last night to the other, “check your bin” and I broke out in a little happy dance… literally busted a move on the kitchen floor!

My Wardrobe: It’s true… when you look good you feel good and when you feel good… you can conquer the world! We, as moms, are the last ones to think about ourselves when it comes to getting everyone and everything situated! Whenever I am in a hurry, I can never find anything to wear. I feel like a hot mess and I go on this rampage of telling myself that I need a whole new wardrobe when really, I just need to plan better. In the last few months, I have started picking out my weekly outfits on Sunday night! I pick out 5 looks that I can mix and match and wear throughout the upcoming week. I place those outfits together in my closet and use them as my weeks “go to” looks. The 20 minutes this takes me on a Sunday evening has added probably 3-5 hours to my week that I normally spend picking out my outfits. It’s allowed me extra time at breakfast with my kids or a quick coffee run on the way to school/work.

“For every minute spent in organizing, an hour is earned!” – Benjamin Franklin

I hope these little tips and tricks inspired you as much as they inspired me!