Packing For Vacation!

You know that part in the animated movie Frozen when the cute little snowman, Olaf, is dreaming of summer and we all know he’s not going to enjoy summer that way? Well… yeah.. that’s me and vacation this year, folks! Like it’s Not. Going. To. Happen. So, I’ve decided to act like Olaf, embrace all of the beach posts, instagram selfies, and rejuvenation vibes everyone is tweeting about after their week at the beach. (Y’all know who you are!) Let’s just take a moment to view…

As such I can’t think of a better way to bring out my inner Olaf other than pulling out the suitcase (‘hootcase’ as my 3-year-old calls it) and pack like I’m going to that beach, baby! I tend to be a light packer and I pride myself on seeing how little I can pack and still survive. Now, don’t get me wrong, I take enough of the essentials so I don’t have to turn anything inside out, but I have been known to have the only pair of dress sandals that I packed break on the first day of vacation only to leave me wearing Chaco sandals with my sundresses out to eat for the rest of vacation 😉

So, what is important to bring?

I like layers and thankfully, they are still in style! Leaving Minnesota is a challenge. You need your Sorel boots, parka, hat, mittens, scarf and hand warmers just to drive to the airport to get on the plane to take you somewhere warm. Thankfully, we are hearty and can leave all of that winter gear behind when we run for the shuttle or entrance to the airport!

This brings me to my first packing tip: Wear your heaviest and bulkiest items on the plane. So, my go-to outfit for travel is my most comfortable pair of jeggings, a t-shirt or tank (like my favorite “vacation feels” tee), a cardigan or a light jacket, and my sneakers! This way, I can bring all of these heavier and bulkier items with me without having to pack them in my suitcase.

Tip number two: bring things that are versatile and can mix-and-match with each other. I like to have outfits that can be dressed up or dressed down. Depending on the purpose of my get away – work, pleasure, or both – I likely need layers to keep me warm inside (why are buildings air conditioned to the extreme?) but that can be easily removed so I can sit in the sun and soak up the much needed Vitamin D!

Ahhh, Vitamin D! An essential to our mental health and well being. But, please dont forget to wear sunscreen. Packing sunscreen can be a weight burden in your luggage and sometimes a complete mess, so my advice here is to wait and purchase your SPF 30 at your destination, especially if you’re traveling in the US. Another fun option for sun protection is a cute light-weight towel. While most resorts we travel to offer towel services it’s nice to have something cute and versatile that you can use for sitting on the beach, covering up with, wrapping around your waist as you head back to your hotel room at the end of the beach day.

Finally, sunglasses. How many of you have forgotten your sunglasses when you’ve left cold Minnesota only to step off the plane and be blinded by the big beautiful sun? Yep, that’s me! With these beauties I will be both styling and protected.

So to all you actual vacation traveling folks this year, enjoy! And remember, I have white soft stuff to walk in too… it’s just called snow 🙂


– Nissa, Customer and Ambassador of The Refinery Boutique